Writing on Camera… Uh… Whatever…

Writing on Camera… Uh… Whatever…

Before I go any further, let me post my original description for my channel on YouTube, whose title I changed almost immediately because I came up with the much more brilliant Caught in the 3rd Act:

What is this channel about? Well, I think the title pretty much says it all: I’m writing on camera. Not on a camera, mind you, but writing stories while being filmed. I kinda thought that might be obvious, but maybe not. It’s always the things that you think are obvious that really aren’t. Why is that? Why is that a thing?

Anyway, I digress. I’m going to be writing a story, hopefully a nice long one, on camera and encouraging a little audience participation… That’s right! I want you— yes you, there in the tank top and not much else… for God’s sake, put some pants on!— to help me write something that I’ll then try to get published.

There… I feel much better now.

Where was I?

Oh, right! Welcome to — ahem — Caught in the 3rd Act! This site will accompany my YouTube channel of the same name, Caught in the 3rd Act, as we — yes I said “we” — go through the process of writing a story! And to be clear, most of the time I will be live broadcasting the effort, so I expect audience participation!!! As if you didn’t already know that from the original text I included above…

So you may be wondering “WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU DO THAT?!?!”

The answer is kind of simple actually… I know there are thousands of gamers streaming their gameplay videos on a regular basis. (I’m one of them sometimes.) There are artists streaming their drawing on Twitch and YouTube on a regular basis too. (My brother is one of them.) Hell, there are programmers that have started doing it too! (I’m confident in my programming skills, but I just don’t think anyone would be interested in my work.) But I haven’t heard of anyone writing on camera, let alone sharing what they’re writing as they do it, and encouraging audience participation.

So I may be the first person doing it. If not, that’s fine too. It’s  just something to do because, as a really good friend put it, I haven’t been doing anything creative lately. Well, this should reverse that trend. And by including you in the process, I have someone to blame when everything goes terribly wrong…

I will be recording a short introductory video for the channel very shortly to post this weekend, and I expect the first broadcast to be sometime in February.

Stay awesome! Stay calm! Stay tuned!

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