Happy Easter! (Oh and Broadcast #4 4/7)

Happy Easter! (Oh and Broadcast #4 4/7)

I just want to take a moment on this Easter holiday to wish you all a happy —err, um…— Easter! While it is celebrated as a Christian holiday, it’s never a bad time to wish good will towards all people, to reach out and support one another, and be merciful and kind to our fellow human beings regardless of religion. Forgiveness and love are the foundations of most of the world’s beliefs and we need to build upon that commonality rather than let the differences in ourselves, in our religious beliefs and tenets, or anything else keep testing tearing us apart. May God — in whatever form He or She takes in your life— bless you all.

Also, my fourth Caught in the 3rd Act broadcast will be this upcoming Saturday, April 7th at 2pm Central! I will work on our characters some more, perhaps a bit more seriously, and start working on a general plot outline that can be applied regardless of genre.

See you there!

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