Broadcast #5 is April 21st!

Broadcast #5 is April 21st!

Just a quick reminder that the next broadcast is in just a little less than a week, Saturday April 21st at 2pm Central.

In separate but definitely related news, I have come up with a core plot for the story, and it’s something I didn’t think I’d ever really do… The core story is essentially a love story. As with most love stories, especially real world ones, there are complications, and I’ll get into that on Saturday, but the setting will still be sci-fi, there is still a protagonist-antagonist conflict, and the way I’m looking at things at the moment, this core plot will not end in this first story. That could change as the story develops, of course, but it’s not my intention to let it die early.

So, while it’s my intention to normally do everything on camera, I am actively working out these ideas a bit off cam in preparation for next week. I have to figure out a few things, and may write out a few paragraphs to see how things feel.

Which brings up another thing… While I’m going to try to outline this story, and do it “the right way” I really would rather just sit down and write the story. That’s the fun part. I really don’t like to do any of this structure and planning when I could just sit down and get to the meat of it. But I’m going to try. I promise I’ll keep you in the loop!

That about covers things for now, so I’ll see you on Saturday!

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