Broadcast #12 is in the books!

Broadcast #12 is in the books!

(No pun intended.)

Just finished the 12th broadcast of Caught in the 3rd Act complete with chaos and randomness! I failed to discuss Doctor Who like I intended to do, which is a damned shame with the 13th Doctor debuting tomorrow, but I’m still glad I got the broadcast done for you today!

As I’ve indicated in prior posts and in the broadcast, I will be out of town for work for the next three weeks, but I’m minutes away from recording another episode to be broadcast on October 20th for you! The next live broadcast should be November 3rd. Please don’t mock me if I look dead tired at that time. Actually, mock me, I don’t care as long as I hear from you!

Any way, below is today’s broadcast on YouTube, please subscribe somewhere or at least comment! I need your feedback to justify the continued existence of my dark little soul…

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