19th Cit3A Broadcast on the 19th!

19th Cit3A Broadcast on the 19th!

First the good news, the next broadcast of Caught in the 3rd Act will be a week from today, on Saturday January 19th! So be there!

Now the bad news: with viewership basically being nonexistent (but thank you to my good friends that watch!), This will be the last regularly scheduled broadcast. The writing will go on and I will continue to post updates to the stories for your review and to the site, but I’m going to put the time I normally spend preparing for, doing, and wrapping up the broadcasts doing something else. That may be writing, that may be working on other projects. And there will be the occasional broadcast from time to time still; basically whenever I feel like it, have some news, or get excited about something. So I’m not going away, you just won’t see me every 2 weeks.

I really wish that I had a regular viewership, even if it was only a handful of people. But I never managed to get any active participation beyond the people I already know in the real world, and that kinda defeats the proposed purpose. Even the giveaway I had failed to get anyone other than a friend entering it. That’s very disappointing and disheartening.

Nonetheless, Aoi and JT really want to tell their stories, so the work will continue.

See you next week!

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