Back to Work

Back to Work

You’ve heard me say this before, it’s been a while. As I’ve mentioned before, this site hasn’t been as successful as I’d hoped it would be, but I had and still have no intention of abandoning the work I’d started. In fact, I continue to think about it and work on it little by little.

The big reason is I really had something else on my mind. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but I started working on buying a house, and that was my most significant point of stress all year. While it’s been persistent and shouldn’t have interfered with Cit3A, it was very much a distraction and I needed to find ways to relax.

That said, I’m rebooting my efforts. I’m going to start working on the project more in the coming weeks, and in the new year, I’ll resume broadcasting as well. So, I’ll see you soon!

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