Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays!!

Good evening and happy holidays! I just finished an unannounced broadcast, the first in months, and I have already updated The Goods with today’s work! As usual, I ran into an unexpected hiccup that I actively worked to prevent today… The first 20 minutes of the video has no sound. Again. -_-

That really irritates me because I updated my software and plug-ins before the broadcast, tested the per scene audio plug-in to make sure it would work right, and it still tripped me up. But, I really am at fault: I should have noticed that I wasn’t hearing myself in my headset.

Oh well…

Next year, I’m going to broadcast more frequently though I’m not going to commit to a regular schedule at this point. I just felt I needed to do a broadcast today so I did one.

Any way, I hope you’re enjoying your holidays and I look forward to interacting with you and moving forward in the new year!

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