About Cit3A

About Cit3A

What does “Caught in the 3rd Act” mean?

It’s a play on the phrase “caught in the act” which basically means… well, someone was caught in the act of doing something. It’s also a reference to writing, most stories, films, etc, have 3 acts: the setup or beginning, the confrontation or middle, and the resolution or ending. So, Caught in the 3rd Act is my attempt at being very witty.

How many stories will you write?

At this point, I’m only planning to do one from beginning to end, though if there’s significant enough interest, I would be willing to do more.

What type of story will it be?

I have no idea yet. That’s why I want audience participation. That said, my preferred genres are science fiction, fantasy, and supernatural, but I’m willing to branch out and do something different.

What is the goal of this project?

To write a story (short or long) and get it published.

How will you handle audience participation in publication? (Credit)

Anyone that gives me assistance that I use (and I will be keeping track) will be thanked (in bulk or specifically called out if it’s brilliant enough) in publication (if the end result is a book, or on a specific page on this site if published online or in a magazine) for their assistance. I’ll be using the information I have available, so if it’s your user name on YouTube or on this site and I have no way of getting in contact with you to get your real name, I will use that user name. But I reserve the right to not use an offensive, derogatory or obviously fake name at my discretion.

This is just a publicity stunt!

I suppose so, but at the same time, I legitimately want to do this and write a story this way.

Who are your favorite authors?

I’d really like to say, but I think that might be considered click bait, which I want to avoid.