Second Broadcast: This Saturday March 10th 2pm Central

Second Broadcast: This Saturday March 10th 2pm Central

The second broadcast is rapidly approaching and in my typical short sighted manner, I have nothing prepared except more of the same! So I need you to come through and start proposing ideas for our story. It’s fine to send them to me on Saturday, before, during, or after the broadcast, but it’s also perfectly fine to join this site, comment on this post, or send them to me through the contact page.

The choice is yours!

So what do we need? Pretty much everything. It’s already been decided by me, as an executive decision, that our villain will be a woman, and one that’s doing whatever because she wants to, not because she’s tragically misunderstood, or that her lover has left her, or because she has some tragic backstory that involves abuse. So, we need heroes, families, settings, genre, a MACGUFFIN!!! There’s literally so much undetermined about our story that almost any suggestion will be of great benefit! Hell, give me a working title!

So, bottom line is I need you! I need you to contribute here! I need you there on Saturday! I need you!

What Are Your Thoughts?

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