Cit3A Broadcast #9 is done!

Cit3A Broadcast #9 is done!

“Who talks first? You talk first or I talk first?” — Poe Dameron, Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

Last week I randomly promised that I would do a broadcast this week, and tonight I randomly delivered: Broadcast #9 of the one of a kind, epic and amazing, long sought and oft viewed Caught in the 3rd Act was completed tonight and can be found below if you were one of the few that didn’t watch it live! (Ok, yeah, that was laying it on very thick…)

I discussed the story, a legitimate American hero, a bit of music since I was actively listening to music during the broadcast, Chris Cornell and a theory I have about some of his songs, wrote two pages (one in each of the two short stories), and generally made a nuisance of myself for your entertainment. Oh, and for the record, the last song of Chris Cornell’s that I couldn’t think of was “Never Far Away” from the Scream solo album.

So, go watch, subscribe to the channels, and be my friend! I need friends! Really!

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