Cit3A Broadcast #10 is done!

Cit3A Broadcast #10 is done!

In this broadcast, I looked rather silly as I spoke while my microphone was muted for a good while… -_-

I *ALSO* welcomed a new viewer right at the end of my hour: SolarStarLord, welcome again!! As I said during the broadcast to both him and any and all viewers, I’m not much of a teacher, but I’m happy to help others that are interested in writing as much as I can! Ask me anything and I’ll do my best to answer!

Oh yeah, I wrote a couple of pages on both The First Taste and Another World. I’m updating those documents right now on The Goods page, so look for them shortly! I also complained about my own writing, that I feel like something of a failure because I don’t think my characters and my stories touch anyone’s heart. This was brought on by my latest anime obsession, My Hero Academia (that’s a link to it on CrunchyRoll; if interested, I have a 48 hour guest pass or two I can give out, just drop a comment on this page and I’ll send it privately), which is really well written and makes me laugh and cry all the time. So, I highly recommend it!

I’m planning on doing the next broadcast in 2 weeks, which would be September 22nd, but it’s possible I may be out of town leading up to that or immediately afterwards, so the broadcast may be postponed. (I’m going out of town on Monday in fact, but the trip I’m making may be extended to two weeks.) I’ll keep you updated as usual.

In any event, today’s broadcast is available at and you can watch it below.

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