Cit3A Broadcast #14 is this Saturday, Nov 3rd!

Cit3A Broadcast #14 is this Saturday, Nov 3rd!

Hi folks and Happy Halloween!

Treat: This Saturday will be the 14th [official, full length] episode of Caught in the 3rd Act!

Trick: Unfortunately, it will not be a live broadcast.

Explanation: While I am back home now, I have discovered that I have family coming in from out-of-town, and will be spending some time with them on Saturday. So, what I’ll be doing tonight instead of trick or treating is recording this broadcast for your perusal on Saturday. I hate to do two back to back recorded broadcasts, but unfortunately, it looks like it might be three… See, while I thought I was done traveling for work for the year, I have one more trip that came up that will have me out-of-town (though flying back) on November 17th. I get in too late to get a broadcast done on that day, so to keep up the consistent two-week pattern at a specific day and time, I’m going to record another broadcast for that date as well.

Sorry about all this! Writing is one of the things I’ve loved to do for years, but it’s not my full-time job, or even remotely related. The bills must be paid…

In any event, I hope you’ll enjoy both broadcasts and I’ll… see you in December with the next live broadcast… -_-

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