Cit3A Broadcast #15 is Saturday Nov. 17th!

Cit3A Broadcast #15 is Saturday Nov. 17th!

Now with Sound!!!

So, after the little fiasco with #14, I appear to be back on the right track. (For the record, I sooooo wanted to use “write” there…!) As you might guess, this is a prerecorded broadcast as well, my apologies. This is also one of my shorter broadcasts at only about 50 minutes or so, but at least you can hear what I’m saying. I still have much to figure out just getting the main story off the ground, but I think I made some decent progress in it. I’ll post the updated content on Saturday night or Sunday morning, after I get home from Los Angeles.

I also just created a Periscope account as another place you can watch the broadcasts; if interested, you can watch at There is quite literally nothing there but my profile information at the moment, so stay tuned for the broadcast on Saturday.

In any event, I hope you like the video and will give it a thumbs up, like, heart, or whatever and will come here and comment on it. (Or there, I’m not picky really.) Just talk to me!

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