Last Cit3A Broadcast of 2018

Last Cit3A Broadcast of 2018

Tomorrow is the very last broadcast of 2018 and it’s the very first one to feature a giveaway. If giveaways become a regular occurred depends on you! While this project is still young, its viewership and participation have been nearly nonexistent and I really want that to change, however I really don’t want to have to bribe people to watch on a regular basis.

I want you to watch and participate because you find it interesting and fun. I want you to because you find the idea fascinating. But if all you’re here for is a prize… I’ll take that for this episode but…

Anyway, I’m thinking that on tomorrow’s episode, I will work on an unrelated single shot short story. Alliteration aside, it will be just for fun to wrap up the year.

In any event, if there’s only one episode you choose to watch this year, this episode is the one to watch!!

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