Cit3A Broadcast #8 is Done!

Cit3A Broadcast #8 is Done!

(Update: I’ve updated “Another World” and “The First Taste” on “The Goods” so go check them out and let me know what you think!)

Today’s broadcast was brought to you by the letter CHAOS!!! and the number anarchy!

No seriously, thank you to all viewers while it was live, especially NinjaHappenings and lajene — the latter of which I’m sure “long time” watchers know is a good friend of mine — and all those stumbling across the recording later! In this broadcast, I worked more on “Another World”, which revealed JT as not a dog lover, developed the relationship between her and Michael a bit more, discussed daily writing challenges and my own personal habits when it comes to writing, my failure to spell “fervently” correctly, and much discussion of the Dune saga by Frank Herbert and his son.

Speaking of which, NinjaHappenings — when you read this — I was right without realizing it; the first book chronologically in the entire combined saga is “The Butlerian Jihad” in the “Legends of Dune” series by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.

I will be on vacation and out of town on my next regular date, so I believe the next broadcast will be on July 14th. Further warning, I’ll be out of town for work for several weeks after that, so the all important 10th broadcast will be in mid-August as well. Sorry about that! Don’t hate me!

For those that missed it live, the broadcast can be found on YouTube (or below) at .

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