YouTube Channel is Currently Offline

YouTube Channel is Currently Offline

I’m not sure how, I’m not sure why, but the 8 broadcasts I’ve done so far were removed from YouTube today due to unspecified violations of community standards. Given I’m not broadcasting copyrighted material, adult content, advocating terrorism or anything hostile to anyone or anything, I’m not sure how this is possible. I’ve filed an appeal with YouTube and hope to have the channel back up and running soon.

Update 7:03pm:

I wish I had good news but I don’t. YouTube almost immediately sent back a denial of my appeal, and there’s pretty much no additional capability for fixing whatever is wrong. I still have a course of action that I’m in a good position to pursue, but there’s no telling when or if Cit3A will be back on YouTube. The really annoying thing is that I can’t even download the last two broadcasts at this point to upload to another service or directly to the web server. I happened to download the first six to manually upload to Twitch so they’ll stay there, but at the moment  7 & 8 are lost.

I’ll provide new updates as they happen.

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