Cit3A broadcast #11 is done!

Cit3A broadcast #11 is done!

As I indicated earlier, today’s broadcast was prerecorded, and I’m sorry about that, but I’m looking forward to my next planned live broadcast on October 6th! As I’m currently out of town, I can’t add today’s video to this post and to the YouTube playlist like I normally would, but it should be the most recent video on the channel at .

Any way, today’s broadcast was solely focused on Aoi, as she really started to struggle with newly developing feelings for someone she has only had fleeting communications with: JT. It’s a kind of obsession that she doesn’t understand, yet, but she knows that it’s more than just a casual interest even at this point. I also discuss where she lives and a bit about her past in this broadcast, so if you didn’t watch it live, watch it when you’re ready on the channel!

As always, any and all feedback is appreciated, and I would really appreciate it as well if you’d spread the word, hit the subscribe button either here, on YouTube, or Twitch. While I’m not getting any income from this, and don’t foresee any, subscribing lets me know that someone is actually interested in this project and helps give me the strength to keep going forward with it. Nonetheless, regardless of whether you subscribe or not, I appreciate you and the time you’ve given to come here and watch me work!

(Update: Here’s the video!)

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