Cit3A Broadcast #12 is this Saturday!

Cit3A Broadcast #12 is this Saturday!

This Saturday, October 6th, at 2pm (set your TARDIS for this date and time or just watch it on YouTube later) will Mark the 12th broadcast of Caught in the 3rd Act! Since I’m sure it’ll be overshadowed by #13, I’ll bet making an effort to talk up that showoff a bit as I do my first and last live broadcast of October.

Just when I thought my travel for work was done for the year, I have been asked to spend pretty much the rest of October on the West coast. But fear not! Once Saturday’s live broadcast is done, I will record another video, immediately, for broadcast on October 20th. The next live broadcast will then take place in early November.

So, I hope to see and speak with you on Saturday! Be there!

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