Broadcast #17 is Tomorrow! Maybe!

Broadcast #17 is Tomorrow! Maybe!

Tomorrow, December 15th is the regularly scheduled day for a broadcast. But, I’m out of town with family, remembering my father’s life and passing. On other occasions, I’d have recorded a broadcast for tomorrow and you might not have known that I wasn’t around otherwise. But, things got complicated over the last week or so and I didn’t record one…

However… I purchased a new notebook that seems to be up to the task of broadcasting or recording one, and I have it configured to do so.did The issue now is finding time to record it and upload it. Or doing it live, as the case may be.

At the moment, I’m planning on recording the broadcast early tomorrow morning and uploading it as soon as possible. But I planned that this morning before my bed held me hostage for an additional 45 minutes. So we’ll see. Worst case, I’ll do the broadcast Monday night as I did for the last broadcast. I’ll let you know as soon as possible.

Oh! And on other news, I did purchase a 7″ Barnes & Noble Nook tablet for an experimental giveaway to see if I can get viewership up. The plan is for entrants to come back here, to the official site, and post a comment containing a particular word I use in the broadcast. The winner will be chosen randomly from the entries, and if there’s only one entry (even if it’s my friend which is the only regular viewer I’ve had), that entrant will receive the tablet. So… Help me not embarrass myself *THAT* way… If I do it with my content that’s fine, but I want to legitimately give this tablet away and increase my viewership. I do plan for the giveaway broadcast to be the last one of the year, December 29th; more information and instructions to come before then.

That about wraps up this post, and I hope to have tomorrows broadcast rolling out on time. If not, expect a post indicating such in the morning.

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