Things to Ponder

Things to Ponder

While I am still considering a date for the first broadcast next month, I want you fine people out there to start considering what you want me to write. The things you should know about me is that I specialize in science fiction, fantasy, supernatural, and probably excessively violent fiction stories. Those are my comfort zones, but I write in an genre when the mood strikes, and have done some mixed genre work. (As a writing exercise many years ago, I started a pretty damned good historical fiction + science fiction story set in the 1880s involving a time traveling space fortress.) I also usually write from the opinion that less detail is more enticing… Some authors will spend pages detailing exactly what the characters look like, what’s in a room, and exactly how a character feels. I tend to write with the basics in mind, allowing the reader to fill in the blanks — “Joe and Rita sat on the couch, watching a singing competition when the news broke.” Personally, I feel that draws the reader more into the story, because the reader envisions what the characters look like, usually self-identifying, and some how fills in all the other details such as the color of the walls, the decor, etc. I can do far more detail, but I find it as boring to write as I do to read it, personally. But I am at your command.

Now, as for what you really need to think about: genre, general plot, characters (genders, origins such as nationalities whether real world or not, orientation, religion, race, etc.), the setting (where does the story take place, and when), real world or fictional one, what are the rules of the world (Can people fly, Is teleportation an everyday occurance? Do people use magic to wash their cars?), and instigating event (What causes the story to take place?). What is the conflict of the story? Is it a love triangle? Is there a holy relic that has fallen into the wrong hands or has just been discovered? Is the sun about to explode?

There’s probably a thousand other things that I haven’t mentioned here that you should take under consideration and suggest to me, here in the comments on this page as well as when I do the broadcast.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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